"Spiritual Evolution has always been part of Israel Varela's artistic Identity". 

Recording Artist,  Drummer-Singer-Composer& Producer,  “Euro Latin Award” winner, also recently Awarded (2023)with the prestigious "Distinguished Mexicans" prize, granted by the Embassy of Mexico in the world. 

Israel Varela is one of the most accomplished artists of his generation and over the last decade has been one of the most in demand Jazz/World/Flamenco musicians in Europe, Asia, Middle East, and America, traveling extensively around the world sharing his music to audiences in more than 30 countries including Spain, Netherlands, Mexico, Italy, United States, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Greece, Belgium, China, France, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, Tunisia, Switzerland, Germany, Argentina, Peru', Chile, Jamaica, Portugal, Uruguay, Angola, UK, Romania, Turkey and Luxemburg. 

His originality and distinctive style allowed him to perform with multitudes of renowned artists such as:  Pat Metheny, Charlie Haden, Mike Stern, Yo-Yo-Ma, Victor Bailey, Abe Laboriel, Pino Daniele, Diego Amador, Rita Marcotulli, Nita Aartsen, Andrea Bocelli, Joaquin Cortes, Jorge Pardo, Richard Bona, Carles Benavent, Dwiki Darmawhan, Enrico Rava, Chano Dominguez, Markus Stockhausen, Andy Sheppard, Maria Pia de Vito,  Kamal Musallam, OSEM Symphony Orchestra, Baja California Orchestra, Gary Willis, among many others. 

During his teenage years he studied in Los Angeles Ca. privately with Alex Acuna and Dave Weckl before moving to Italy in 2000. Originally from Tijuana, Mexico, he belongs to the fourth generation of a renowned family of Tijuana musicians. He grew up in an exciting musical environment in a house where predominantly classical and sacred music was played. 

Varela remains true to his Jazz and Latin roots and at the same time Flamenco and Contemporary Classical influences are all reflected in each of his nine albums:  TIJUANA PORTRAIT  (2007) , BORDER PEOPLE  (2009),  ZAMAR  (2012),  INVOCATIONS  (2015),  AS ABOVE SO BELOW  (2018), ISRAEL VARELA COLLECTION(2018), YIN AND YANG(2019), "THE LABYRINTH PROJECT" (2019), FRIDA EN SILENCIO (2021).



DU World Festival, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Java Jazz Festival, Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Bali Live Festival, Bali, Indonesia. 

Umbria Jazz Festival, Perugia, Italy. 

Vitoria Jazz Festival, Vitoria, Spain. 

Suma Flamenca Festival, Madrid, Spain. 

El Jazz Viene del Sur, Granada, Spain. 

Cambio Festival, Assisi, Italy. 

Oltre Festival, Gubbio, Italy. 

Flamenco Gipsy Festival, Jodhpur, India. 

Bangalore Jazz Festival, India. 

Amman Jazz Festival, Amman, Jordan. 

Jerash Music Festival, Jerash, Jordan. 

Tunisia Jazz Festival, Tunisia. 

Singapore Jazz Festival, Singapore. 

Elba jazz Festival, Marciana Marina, Italy. 

Orbetello Jazz Festival, Italy. 

Montalcino Jazz Festival, Italy.. 

Ascona Jazz, Ascona, Switzerland.

OSEM Summer Festival, Mexico. 

Think Jazz Festival, Casapozzano, Italy 

Borneo Jazz, Borneo, Indonesia. 

Bandung Jazz Festival, Bandung, Indonesia. 

Batam Jazz, Batam, Indonesia. 

Bali Live, Bali, Indonesia. 

Sant’anna Arresi Jazz, Italia. 

Biennale di Flamenco Festival, Siviglia, Spain. 

Albuquerque Flamenco Festival, Albuquerque, United States. 

Pescara Jazz Festival, Pescara, Italy. 

Seixal Jazz, Seixal, Portugal. 

Mondo Arte, Bruxelles, Belgium. 

Asian Games Festival, Guangzhou, China. 

Montpellier Jazz Festival, France. 

Marsiglia Jazz, Marsiglia, France.

Buenos Aires Jazz, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Santiago Music, Santiago, Chile. 

Flamenco Summer, Lima, Peru. 

Viersen Jazz Festival, Viersen, Germany. 




Euro Latin Award 2008, Milan, Italy.

Winner of  the Tijuana Drum Constest, 2001, Mexico.

National Prize, "Culture and Arts" FONCA. 2001

Winner of the "Young Creators" prize, Baja California, Mexico. 

Press Photos

photo by Giovanni Romano

photo by G.Romano