This course is developed on the material given to me by my private teachers Alex Acuna & Dave Weckl.  A unique information that I had never made public before. You will experience life changing awakening in every area of your drumming. From your Creativity and Musicality, to your Independence and Technique; from how to create a powerful intuitive musical awareness to a deep understanding of yourself and your playing.

In this course we will study exactly what I studied and learned in my years in Los Angeles from drum greats Dave Weckl and Alex Acuna. Mixing these two influences directly from the source is how I found my own voice, and it is what this course will bring to you.

We will cover Technique, independence, Jazz Concepts, and Latin American Music Language as well.

  ALL COURSES ARE ONLINE INDIVIDUAL OR GROUP LESSONS(max 9 participants each group)(zoom-jitsi or skype).