JOIN ME EVERY MONDAY AT 7pm (CET Central European Time), 10am (PT). Workshops open to all instrumentalists and singers.

  Israel Varela "Kairos Open Sessions" Course
Whether you are a teacher, instrumentalist, singer or music student, the importance of finding your own voice as a musician is a most important musical skill. My workshop offers a progressive series of enjoyable and stimulating stages which will rapidly improve your melodic, harmonic and rhythmic vocabulary, and will help you to find new and challenging ways to rediscover your musical abilities and improve your all-around skills. My focus is to help reveal what is deep in your heart  to find and tell your own unique story in your music.. We will start with the applications and extensions of Flamenco Rhythms and Odd Meters to modern Jazz concepts into your singing,  and into your playing, and also how to create your own songs step by step. All levels are welcome!

 (max 10 participants, ZOOM plattform).